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3 min readApr 11, 2022


Absurdly and totally unnecessary, 2022 has brought tragic war to Ukraine and its people. Because of the war, started by Russia, the Ukrainian nation is suffering from the genocide at a scale this world hasn’t seen for almost 100 years. Many have died, and much more have lost their homes, friends, and family. Unfortunately, there is little to no sight of the end to this at the moment.

However, the Ukrainian people are standing strong and courageously fighting for their land and freedom.

Ironically, while the Russian invaders’ intent was to divide the nation and completely destroy its authenticity, these tragic events have united the Ukrainian nation and the world in its support as nothing before.

All sane people, companies, and governments are doing all they can to end the war ASAP and help the affected people. Team in UA, is doing its share too.

First of all, hat off to our employees — despite the war and humanitarian crisis happening in Ukraine — we are continuing to operate at our full capacity, ready and willing to do much more, helping our customers build truly innovative, world-class software.

Second, and most importantly, we decided to donate 25% of the proceeds from all new customers to support the Ukrainian army and humanitarian causes.

In this critical moment, it’s really important to keep the Ukrainian economy strong and running. Businesses should operate, wages and taxes should be paid in full. New jobs shall be created for those who had to leave their homes for safety. This is crucial to keep funding the army and help all the people in need affected by this war.

If you have a software development needs and also would like to help the people of Ukraine — look no further. Working with us is a great way to support Ukrainian society, while also bringing new business and jobs to the country.

Team in UA is a boutique software development agency that puts together custom-tailored product-focused teams in Ukraine. We currently work with more than 20 engineers from different regions in Ukraine and rapidly expanding.

And last, but not least, our clients have joined this initiative and will donate a portion of their profit to support Ukrainians too. If you are shopping for SaaS live video streaming solution, please explore products built by our team (links below).

25% of the profits in 2022 from these products will be donated to support Ukraine until the war is over!


Virtual Video Control Room is a live streaming broadcast tool to help you control, route & monitor live streams in ultra-low latency from anywhere in the world


Rivet is The Ultimate Broadcast Tool for Remote Streaming. It is an application that helps producers bring in remote guests to their live and on-demand shows. Rivet allows you to contribute live streams with return audio & video to production & broadcast facilities around the world

Glory to Ukraine! Слава Украине!

“Map of Sovereign Ukraine” under the peaceful sky. Motherland Monument, Kyiv 2021. ~6 months before the war



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