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Team in UA
2 min readNov 9, 2020


Team in UA is US-based software development company working with top skilled engineers from Ukraine.

We are professional software developers making world-class software products.

Our offer goes beyond traditional outsourcing. We assemble custom-tailored, cohesive engineering teams that write excellent software code, strive to build robust products, and delight their users.

Our engineers develop applications that solve user challenges by its robust functionality and easy to use simple user interface.

Our core expertise lies in 4 application areas:

1). Cloud Apps. We build scalable and maintainable cloud-native solutions using modern technologies. We work in AWS, GCP, Azure, and DigitalOcean cloud environments. Our engineers use MEAN, MERN, and serverless stack. Also, we build websites using the WordPress framework.

2). Video Technologies. We have extensive experience in video streaming and processing software and hardware development. Our team have in-depth technical knowledge of all parts of video workflow starting from capture to delivery. We utilize open-source technologies such as FFMPEG, GSTREAMER, WEBRTC, OpenCV, and others to build server-side, desktop, and mobile applications using C++ and other programming languages.

3). Mobile Apps Development. Our mobile app development team members have more than seven years of experience in development for iOS and Android platforms. We shipped tens of mobile apps to the Apple’s App Store and Google Play market.

4). Embedded Development. Our embedded firmware developers have up to ten years of experience building firmware for Linux, the Android open-source platform, and real-time operating systems. We develop firmware for hardware that uses silicone from Qualcomm, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, Ambarella, and many others.

We offer 3 business engagement models:

1). Full-cycle development.

In this model, Team in UA provides full-cycle software development and maintenance services. Fixed price or time and material terms.

2). Autonomy

Team in UA assembles custom-tailored software engineering team, skilled according to project requirements. It establishes project management and operates the team day-to-day on an ongoing basis. Time and materials terms.

3). Spin-off

Team in UA builds a turn-key, self-contained software development office in Ukraine that includes management and leadership for fully independent operations. It acts as an ad-hoc consultant to maximize operational efficiency. Time, equity, and materials terms.

There are just four commitment-free steps to follow to begin the project with us:

  • Schedule a free consultation with us. Describe your goals. Define project requirements and timeline
  • Get a free, custom-tailored commercial proposal with the description of the approach to achieve desired goals within the timeline, a draft of the system design, milestones, timeline, and costs
  • Choose one of the business engagement models we offer
  • Meet and greet our engineering team

Check out our presentation here: https://vimeo.com/teaminua

Contact us via email at sergey@teaminua.com to discuss your project.



Team in UA

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